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Enhance Your Aerial Adventures with the YXZNRC F280: A Paragon of Innovation in RC Helicopter Technology!

YXZNRC F280 RC Helicopter Innovation
Embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of RC helicopters with the YXZNRC F280—the epitome of cutting-edge design and unrivaled performance. This aircraft is meticulously crafted to redefine your aerial adventures, blending advanced specifications with an array of features that promise an extraordinary flying experience.

YXZNRC F280 RC Helicopter Innovation
YXZNRC F280 RC Helicopter

Unveiling the YXZNRC F280:

1. Dimensions:
- Immerse yourself in the perfect balance of size and maneuverability—Rotor Diameter: 646mm, Body Length: 665mm, Height: 200mm.
YXZNRC F280 RC Helicopter
YXZNRC F280 RC Helicopter

2. Control Modes:
- Tailor your flight experience with versatile control options—Compatible with S-BUS, DXM-X, PPM satellites receiver interfaces (Remote controller not included).
YXZNRC F280 RC Helicopter

3. Control Range:
- Expand your horizons with a remarkable control range of over 300 meters.

4. Material:
- Embrace durability and strength with a high-strength engineering composite construction.

5. Weight:
- Navigate the skies effortlessly—YXZNRC F280 Drone alone: 905g, YXZNRC F280 Box Weight: 1524g.
YXZNRC F280 RC Helicopter

6. Battery:
- Power-packed performance with a LI-POLY 22.2V (1300MAH) 40C battery.
- Charging Time: Experience minimal downtime with an approximate 90-minute charging cycle.
- Flight Time: Extend your adventures with flight times ranging from 4 to 8 minutes.

7. Colors:
- Personalize your experience with a choice of vibrant colors—Blue, Green, or Pink.

8. Battery Options:
- Tailor your flight duration to your preferences—1, 2, or 3 optional YXZNRC F280 batteries available.

Dive into Innovative Features:

1. Flybarless Design:
- Experience enhanced stability through a direct drive main motor, electronic stability system, and a quick-release tail boom.
YXZNRC F280 RC Helicopter

2. Carbon Fiber Propeller:
- Soar through the skies with a 3K carbon fiber propeller designed for strength, power, efficiency, and extended flight time.

3. Brushless Motor:
- Enjoy low noise, high torque, and exceptional power with the 5512 brushless motor.

4. Tail Lock Motor:
- Ensure stable tail lock with a special 1806 brushless motor, resistant to high temperatures and long-term use.

5. Metal Digital Steering Gear:
- Navigate with precision using an enlarged 9g metal digital steering gear for torque, speed, and durability.

6. Dual Brushless Speed Controller:
- Unleash sustained flights with a 60A controller, featuring overheat protection and aluminum alloy carved shell for efficient heat dissipation.
YXZNRC F280 RC Helicopter
YXZNRC F280 RC Helicopter

7. Independent Flight Control:
- Achieve stability and precision with a brand-new independent flight control system compatible with various receiver interfaces.

8. Bluetooth Module:
- Customize your experience with easy parameter adjustments via the Bluetooth module and dedicated app.

9. Customized Lithium Polymer Battery:
- Elevate your flights with a Redzone high-rate 22.2V 6S 1300mAh 40C battery, offering explosive power and long service life.

10. CNC Carved Frame:
- Experience reduced weight and enhanced durability with high-precision CNC carved frame, rotor head, and components.

The YXZNRC F280 is not just an RC helicopter; it's a gateway to a new realm of excitement and precision flying. Whether you're a novice or an experienced pilot, this helicopter is engineered to deliver an extraordinary and rewarding aerial experience. Join the league of enthusiasts and take your flights to new heights with the YXZNRC F280 !

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