SMRC S840 PRO 8K Drone Titanium Gray 3-Axis Gimbal EIS Camera Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance 5G GPS Quadcopter with Screen Remote Control

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Color: Without Obstacle Avoider
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SMRC S840 PRO 8K Drone Titanium Gray 3-Axis Gimbal EIS Camera Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance 5G GPS Quadcopter with Screen Remote Control

Brand: SMRC
Model: S840 PRO Titanium Gray
Weight: 620g
Three-axis mechanical self-stabilizing head: Yes
Self-stabilizing electronic anti-shake Lens: Yes
Unfolded size: 37*37*12CM (excluding fan blades)
Folded size: 9.5*20*12CM
Backpack packaging size: 24.5*32.5*12CM
Diagonal wheelbase: 45*45CM
Cruise range/remote control distance (no interference, no obstruction) (max): digital image transmission 6000M
Image return distance (no interference, no obstruction): 6000M
Wind resistance level (max): 5-6
Flight altitude: 500M
Pressure sensor: Height setting
Brushless Motor: 2204
Motor power: 1750/KV
Frequency: 5G
GPS Follow me: Permanent
IMAGE Follow me: Permanent
Tap flight: Yes
Fixed-point surround: Yes
Hand gesture shooting/video reconization: 1-3M
Photo/video share: Yes
GPS/GLONASS double mode: Yes

Ascending speed (max): 6M/S
Descent speed (max): 3.5M/S
Takeoff altitude (max): 4500M
Cruise range (max): 6000M
Hovering time (max): 38-40 minutes
Flight speed (max): 50KM/H
Working environment temperature: -10 to +50
Working frequency: 5G
Compass: Single
IMU: Single

Obstacle avoidance detection range: 360°
obstacle avoidance detection rang: ≤15-20M

Aircraft battery capacity: 11.1V 8000mAh
Flight time: About 38-40 min
Standard voltage: 11.55V
Charging limit voltage: 13.2V
Charging time: About 6 hours (The light flashes when charging, and the light stays on when fully charged)
USB Charging (5V): Yes
Battery type: polymer lithium-ion battery
Energy: 25-30WH
Weight: 220G
Charging environment temperature: 5° to 40°
Charging power (max): 15.2W
Remote control battery: built-in 3.7V 4500MAh
Charging time of transmitter: About 3.5hours
Battery endurance of transmitter: About 3.5hour

Image processing chip brand: HiSilicon
Image sensor: 1/3.2 inch
Working frequency: 5G
Lens viewing angle: 77%
Lens aperture: 2
Digital zoom range: 5x
Adjustable angle camera:Adjustable camera by transmitter, 110°
Lens angle: 110°
Video resolution: 1920*1080(TF card); 3840*2160(APP)
Photo resolution: "7680*4320(TF card); 7680*4320(APP)
Frame rate: 25 -30fps
Photo format: JPEG
Video format: MP4

Structural design range: Pitch 110°; Roll 45°; Yaw 65°
Controllable adjustment angle: 110°

Transmitting frequency: 2.4G
Remote control voltage capacity: 3.7V 4500MAH
Working temperature: -10 to +60
Remote control screen size: 5.5 inches (1080P HD screen)

Supported memory card: high-speed 32G-64-128
TF card: not included
Card reader: not included

Function introduction: three-axis mechanical stabilization gimbal + electronic stabilization anti-shake + laser obstacle avoidance
1. GPS one-click return to the take-off point, low battery return, no signal return
2. ①GPS intelligent follow; ②Image follow: identify the subject and automatically follow the flight
3. Gesture shooting recognition: within 1-3m from the aircraft, face the camera to make a photo gesture/video gesture
4. Route multi-point planning flight: the aircraft flies autonomously according to the pre-set route, and the player focuses on shooting
5. Fixed-point surround: find the center point of the surround, and then move the desired surround radius through the joystick
6. Aircraft retrieval function: click the GPS signal icon 3 times in a row to open the map interface. The map shows the last distance, longitude and latitude of the aircraft
7. Pictures, music and video sharing can be added: you can select single or multiple photos to share, and videos can only be shared one at a time
8. 4K Adjustable camera (three-axis mechanical stabilization gimbal + electronic stabilization anti-shake + laser obstacle avoidance)
9. 11.55V plug-in smart lithium battery

Remote control function introduction: built-in 5.5-inch Android system display
1. Built-in screen does not require your own mobile phone to connect, automatically connects when powered on
2. Pre-loaded drone-specific app
3. The remote control has a new memory card slot, which can directly save the source image quality file
4. The screen supports Bluetooth sharing of photos and videos
5. The remote control has a built-in 4500mah battery, which can be used continuously for more than 4 hours
6. Equipped with a high-brightness LED display, which can display clearly in strong light environments