4K Drone 3-Axis Gimbal 360° Obstacle Avoidance F4S Professional Dual HD EIS Camera GPS 5G Wifi Brushless Quadcopter

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  • Product name: F4S 3-axis obstacle avoidance drone/F4 Two-axis gimbal Drone
  • Packaging method: whole machine + black portable box
  • Battery capacity: 7.4V plug-in smart 3500mah lithium battery, about 160 grams
  • Lithium battery charging time: about 5 hours
  • Remote control charging time: about 2 hours
  • Drone flight time: about 25 minutes
  • Remote control battery: 3.7V 1000MAH
  • Remote control battery life: rechargeable remote control, built-in lithium battery, fully charged remote control can achieve 3.5 hours long battery life
  • Flight range (remote control length and distance): about 2000 meters, about 2000 meters for image transmission
  • Flight range (remote control altitude distance): 120 meters
  • Features: aerial photography/5G
  • Aircraft size: 36*33*7CM
  • Aircraft folding size: 17*10.5*7CM
  • Black carrying case size: 32*11*24cm
  • Weight: about 950 grams
Product Features:
1. Stable 3-axis mechanical gimbal, 360-degree obstacle avoidance
2. 4K wide-angle 120° adjustable camera. ESC camera
3. The mobile phone APP interface displays GPS flight status and data, can take photos and videos, and control
4. Aircraft retrieval function: Click the GPS signal icon 3 times continuously to open the map interface. The map displays the last distance, latitude and longitude position of the aircraft.
5. GPS intelligent follow;
6. Image Follow: Identify the subject and automatically follow the flight.
7. Route multi-point planning flight: The aircraft flies autonomously according to the preset route, and the player focuses on shooting.
8. The mobile phone is flying around (the lens is always aimed at the target) to find the center point of the circle, and then move the desired circle radius with the joystick.
9. Gesture capture recognition: within 1-3m from the aircraft, make a photo gesture/camera gesture facing the camera.
10. Pictures, music and video sharing: You can share photos with single or multiple selections, and videos can only be shared individually at a time.
11. One-key take-off on the remote control / mobile phone follow / mobile phone map site route flight / landing / return (the camera will be aimed at the operator when returning home), which is convenient for the operator to control
12. GPS returns to the take-off point with one key, low power and signal loss will automatically return to home