FLYWING FW450L V2.5 6CH FBL 3D Flying GPS Altitude Hold One-key Return Large RC Helicopter RTF With H1 Flight Control System

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FLYWING FW450L V2.5 6CH FBL 3D Flying GPS Altitude Hold One-key Return Large RC Helicopter RTF With H1 Flight Control System
  • Product Name: FLYWING FW450L V2.5 RC Helicopter
  • Channel: 6CH
  • FLYWING FW450L V2.5 Length: 880mm
  • FLYWING FW450L V2.5 Width: 110mm
  • FLYWING FW450L V2.5 Height: 220mm
  • FLYWING FW450L V2.5 Main Rotor Diameter: 800mm
  • FLYWING FW450L V2.5 Main Blade Length: 360mm
  • FLYWING FW450L V2.5 Tail Rotor Diameter: 127mm
  • Motor Gear: 11T
  • Drive Gear: 66T
  • Tail Drive: Brushless Motor
  • Weight(no battery): 800g
  • Flight Time: apporx. 15mins
  • Flight Distance: apporx. 1000m
  • FLYWING FW450L V2.5 Battery : 4S 1000mah-4S 4000mah(Recommend 4S 2200mah-4S 3300mah)
  • Bttery compartment: 130*37*45mm(L*W*H)
  • FLYWING FW450L V2.5 Function: Return to home, one key to 8 flight/3D fly, fixed hover and more function to be developing
  • Package size: L 55, W 26, H 16 cm
  • Weight: 2.2kg

1. FLYWING FW450L V2.5 Upgraded 60A helicopter ESC, 32-bit processor, better performance
2. FLYWING FW450L V2.5 tail tube can be quickly disassembled , making it easier to maintain / carry
3. FLYWING FW450L V2.5 Upgraded 22mm metal rectangular tail tube , strong and beautiful
4. FLYWING FW450L V2.5 Widened landing skid , easier to take off and land
5. FLYWING FW450L V2.5 All-metal X three-dimensional tail motor base , stronger , betterheat dissipation
6. One-piece linkage rod , no need to adjust the length , avoid blade separat
7. FLYWING FW450L V2.5 thick lines upgraded version of the brushless motor , bringing more power

- FLYWING FW450L V2.5 6CH, FBL 3D Flying design.
- FLYWING FW450L V2.5 With Newest H1 flight control system, support GPS and altitude hover flight.
- FLYWING FW450L V2.5 Support one-key return function, the flying trace looks like number "8".
- FLYWING FW450L V2.5 With 4S 2200mAh large capacity battery, flying time is up to 15mins(approx), and the flight distance up to 1000m.
- FLYWING FW450L V2.5 Using 700 class helicopter all-metal rotor, brushless 5mm shaft tail motor, high speed and sensitive response_.
- FLYWING FW450L V2.5 All-metal main gear, 18mm 3k carbon fiber tail boom, with 2816 poweful brushless main motor.
- FLYWING FW450L V2.5 Transmitter can be changed to mode 1 /mode 2 freely.

User Manual: Click here

1* FLY WING FW450 RC Helicopter
1* 10CH Transmitter
1* 4S 4450mAh Lipo Battery