JJRC X20 6K Drone 3-Axis Gimbal Profesional Dual HD Camera GPS 5G WIFI Brushless Obstacle Avoidance Quadcopter

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JJRC X20 6K Drone 3-Axis Gimbal Profesional Dual Camera GPS 5G Obstacle Avoidance Quadcopter

  • Model: JJRC X20 6K Drone (1 km, 3 km optional)
  • JJRC X20 Product size: unfolded 41*44*6.5CM folded: 11*18*6.5CM
  • JJRC X20 Camera properties: three-axis gimbal
  • JJRC X20 Battery: 11.1V 2850MAH 3S
  • JJRC X20 Use time: about 27 minutes
  • JJRC X20 Charging time: about 5 hours
  • JJRC X20 Remote control battery: 3.7V 300MAH (including battery)
  • Height: 120 meters
  • JJRC X20 Remote control distance: 1 km: about 1000 meters, 3 kilometers: about 3000 meters (open without interference)
  • JJRC X20 Image transmission distance: 1 km: about 500 meters, 3 kilometers: about 3000 meters (open without interference)
  • JJRC X20 Main camera video resolution: 2K
  • JJRC X20 Main camera photo resolution: 6K
  • JJRC X20 Main camera video resolution: 2048*1088
  • JJRC X20 Main camera photo resolution: 5700*427
  • JJRC X20 The number of frames transmitted by the main camera: 1KM: 25FPS, 3KM: 30FPS
  • JJRC X20 3km bottom camera resolution: 640*480
  • JJRC X20 3 km bottom camera photo resolution: 1280*720
  • Bottom camera transmission frame rate: 25FPS
  • Lens angle: 110°
  • Camera adjustment angle: 90°
  • The weight of the whole set of products: 1100G
  • Product weight: 510G
  • Color box size: 33.6*10.6*22.5cm
  • Packing method: backpack + color box

1: JJRC X20 All-round flight function;
2: JJRC X20 Dual positioning (gps positioning + optical flow positioning);
3: JJRC X20 Brushless power (strengthen wind resistance) + dual speed switching:
4: JJRC X20 Three-axis pan-tilt camera, all-round shooting;
5: JJRC X20 HD dual camera (6K self-stabilizing ESC camera + bottom HD camera)
6: JJRC X20 5G wifi, long distance, no interference
7: JJRC X20 Power optimization, using the latest third-generation battery (11.1V 3S);
8: With headless flight mode;
9: Intelligent return home (3 modes);
10: With surround flight mode;
11: With intelligent follow-up flight mode;
12: With waypoint trajectory programming flight mode;

JJRC X20 Accessories: machine, remote control, flight control manual, WIFI instruction manual, screwdriver, charging cable, 4 spare maple leaves