RC Drone RG109 MAX 4K HD Dual Camera GPS 5G WiFi Brushless Motor 360 ° Laser Obstacle Avoidance Quadcopter

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Color: Orange RG109 1B


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  • Product name: Laser Obstacle Avoidance 4K Drone RG109 MAX
  • Remote control frequency / Channel: 2.4ghz/4 channels
  • Product material: plastic / metal / electronic components
  • Adjust the camera: remotely adjust the camera / adjust 90 °
  • Product color: Orange / Black
  • Motor model: 1503
  • Remote control mode: left hand throttle
  • Size of mobile phone clip: 5.5in
  • Remote control battery: Built in lithium battery
  • Fuselage battery: 7.4V 3000mAh
  • Charging mode: USB
  • Charging time: about 3 hours
  • Flight time: about 25 minutes
  • Video resolution (front camera): 1920 * 1080
  • Photo resolution (front camera): 7680 * 4320
  • Video resolution (down view camera): 1920 * 1080
  • Photo resolution (down view camera): 7680 * 4320
  • Transmission frame rate (front camera): 25fps
  • Transmission frame rate (downward looking camera): 25fps
  • Remote control distance (no interference): About 1200m
  • Image transmission signal: the UAV has its own WiFi signal
  • Image return distance (without interference): 500m
  • Packing method: color box + storage bag
  • Body size: 21 * 16 * 8cm
  • Folding size: 14 * 8.5 * 8cm
  • Package size: 27 * 8 * 20cm
  • Drone weight (including battery): 189g
Product Description:
1. GPS one button return to the takeoff point, low power return, no signal return.
2. ① GPS intelligent follow: After the aircraft links GPS, turn on the APP follow function, and the aircraft moves with the mobile phone. ② Image following: identify the shooting object 1-3 m away from the aircraft and automatically follow the flight.
3. Hand gesture photo recognition: make a photo gesture towards the camera within 1-3m from the aircraft.
4. Route multi-point planning flight: the aircraft flies independently according to the preset route, and the players focus on shooting.
5. Fixed point surround: find the center point of surround, and then move the desired radius of surround through the rocker.
6. MV function: filter, video special effect, background music, picture/video sharing