RCERA C129 V2 RC Helicopter 4CH Single Propeller 3D Tumbling 6 Axis Gyroscope RC Aircraft Toy

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Color: Grey
Battery: 1 Battery


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RCERA C129 V2 RC Helicopter 4CH Single Propeller 3D Tumbling 6 Axis Gyroscope RC Aircraft Toy
  • Product number:  RCERA C129 V2
  • Product name:  RCERA C129 V2 RC Helicopter
  • Product material: alloy, plastic
  • RCERA C129 V2 color: frosted silver
  • RCERA C129 V2 specifications: rotor diameter 24.8 fuselage length 26.7 height 8CM
  • RCERA C129 V2 body battery: 3.7V 300mah lithium battery
  • RCERA C129 V2 Remote control battery: 1.5V “AA”*4 (sold separately)
  • RCERA C129 V2 Main motor (coreless): 8520
  • RCERA C129 V2 Tail motor (coreless): 0615
  • RCERA C129 V2 Remote control distance: 80-100 meters
  • RCERA C129 V2 Remote control time: 15 minutes
  • RCERA C129 V2 Charging time: 60 minutes
  • Single package weight (including color box) Kg: 0.63
  • Color box specification (cm): 31*24*8.6
RCERA C129 V2 configuration: color box packaging*1, helicopter*1, remote control*1, manual*1, USB charger*1, main propeller*2, tail propeller*1, connecting rod*2, lithium battery*1, screwdriver* 1. Hex wrench*1

Brief description of the function:
1.  RCERA C129 V2 Flybarless design, using the principle of aerodynamics to design propellers to provide strong power and self-stability of the body. Simple 4-channel design, super stable flight with 6-axis gyroscope;
2.  RCERA C129 V2 Use the barometer to fix the altitude and stabilize the flight;
3.  RCERA C129 V2 first 4-channel flybarless 360° roll mode makes flying more fun;
4.  RCERA C129 V2 Modularized battery, easy and quick to install, and the shell can effectively protect the battery, and the service life is longer;
5.  RCERA C129 V2 can Ascent, descent, forward, backward, left fly, right fly, left rotation, right rotation, and other stunts;
6.  RCERA C129 V2 6G mode, using 6-axis gyroscope, the flight is stable, especially suitable for beginners to fly;
7.  RCERA C129 V2 with 4-channel remote control, low voltage alarm, stall protection, out of control protection, large and small rudder conversion, one-key take-off, one-key landing and other functions;
8.  RCERA C129 V2 Equipped with a dedicated USB charger, fast and stable charging;