GOOSKY S2 RC Helicopter 3D 6CH Flybarless Dual Brushless Motor Direct-Drive Helicopter

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Color: Red
Version: BNF Version


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GOOSKY S2 RC Helicopter 3D 6CH Flybarless Dual Brushless Motor Direct-Drive Helicopter
  • Model Number: GOOSKY S2
  • Material: Composite Material
  • Remote control mode: 2.4GHz
  • GOOSKY S2 Remote control distance: 150 meters
  • GOOSKY S2 Use time: 3 minutes for violent flight - 10 minutes for hover flight
  • GOOSKY S2 Number of drive motors: S2 brushless main motor*1 S2 tailless motor*1;
  • GOOSKY S2 Battery details: 11.1V 750mAh 45C 8.325Wh
  • GOOSKY S2 Charging time: 30 minutes
  • GOOSKY S2 Weight:   BNF Version: 1kg, RTF Version: 1.5kg
  • GOOSKY S2 Size:   BNF Version: 50*12*20 cmRTF Version: 66*12*20 cm

Product full function:
1. GOOSKY S2 new framework algorithm GTS no-foil system allows 3D to do whatever you want;
2. GOOSKY S2 Built-in S-FHSS protocol, compatible with S-BUS, DSM-X, PPM interface;
3. GOOSKY S2 with Bluetooth module, mobile APP parameter adjustment, wireless program Upgrade;
4. GOOSKY S2 High-efficiency, low-noise propeller design; 3D is more violent, and the tail lock is more calm;
5. GOOSKY S2 with Powerful dual direct-drive brushless motor design;
6. GOOSKY S2 with Split head cover design makes battery disassembly easier and more convenient;
7. GOOSKY S2 with Main propeller, submerged quick release gasket Design;
8. GOOSKY S2 with first formal motor transmission design;
9. GOOSKY S2 with Tail propeller, foolproof and quick installation design;
10. GOOSKY S2 with Integrated concave steering gear bracket design, plus a second floor plate, the steering gear is easy to disassemble and assemble, and the accuracy and strength are improved at the same time;
11. GOOSKY S2 with Full The adjustment-free design of the connecting rod greatly improves the adjustment time;
12. GOOSKY S2 FBL has aileronless rotor head structure, which is more reliable and scientific;
13. GOOSKY S2 with Special customization, high-strength and lightweight tail pipe;
14. GOOSKY S2 Special release force design of the fuselage, the main board and tail pipe are separated, the second layer of the fuselage is connected, and the fried chicken can be repaired when it is broken, so as to reduce the cost of helicopter bombers;
15. GOOSKY S2 with One-piece lightweight and high-toughness tripod, which can effectively buffer high impact;

**  GOOSKY S2 BNF version does not include batteries and remote control,  GOOSKY S2 RTF version includes 2 batteries and remote control

Package Included:
GOOSKY S2 Helicopter *1
EPP box *1
Battery * Optional version (BNF version does not include battery, RTF version includes 2 batteries)
Servo Arm *3
Main Axis *1
Main Horizontal aAxis
Spindle Shaft *1
some Spare Screw
APP Bluetooth Modu