YXZNRC F150 6CH 6Axis Gyro 3D/6G Dual Brushless Direct Drive Motor Flybarless Compatible with FUTABA S-FHSS

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Color: Green RTF
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YXZNRC F150 6CH 6Axis Gyro 3D/6G Dual Brushless Direct Drive Motor Flybarless Compatible with FUTABA S-FHSS
  • Item name:  YXZNRC F150
  • Product material: high-strength composite material
  • YXZNRC F150 Main Rotor Diameter: 350mm
  • YXZNRC F150 Body Length: 300mm
  • YXZNRC F150 Body Height: 98mm
  • Radio Frequency Band: 2.4GHz
  • YXZNRC F150 Transmission Range (m): about 120 meters
  • YXZNRC F150 Battery: LI-POLY 11.1V(500MAH) 30C 3S 11.V 500mAh 30C Lipo
  • Battery Charging Duration: about90 minutes
  • YXZNRC F150 Sports flight time: about 6-10 minutes
  • Aggressive 3D flight time: about 3-4 minutes
  • Color box specification (mm): 400*270*100mm
  • YXZNRC F150 Single machine weight (g): 145g
  • Whole box weight (g): 1264g
Function Description:
1.  YXZNRC F150 Employs a flybarless stabilization system, powered by direct-drive brushless motor.  YXZNRC F150 provides precise control, achieves stable flight, and has an optimized body structure that reduces damage sustained during crashes.
2.  YXZNRC F150 Rotor blades are aerodynamically designed, supports aggressive flight while maintaining stability.  YXZNRC F150 are also highly efficient, allowing longer flight time. They are made of nylon and carbon fiber composite material, which give them strength, high durability, and resistant to deformation.
3.  YXZNRC F150 Fitted with 2507 brushless motor, which directly drives the main rotor blades to reduce vibrations while being highly energy efficient and operating at high torque.  YXZNRC F150 Made with special magnets that can withstand up to 150°C, which greatly lengthens the lifespan of the motor .
4.  YXZNRC F150 Fitted with a 1103 brushless tail motor, which can withstand high temperatures allowing it to be highly durable, while operating at high speeds, and delivering superior tail lock capability.
5.  YXZNRC F150 Fitted with large, durable 4.3gram metal digital servos, which have high torque, fast response (60°/0.05ms), high precision, especially accurate when returning to the neutral position. These high-performance servos give the helicopter the locked -in feel.
6.  YXZNRC F150 Uses 6-axis stabilization system, which is highly stable, precise in movements, especially suitable for beginners.
7.Built in 2.4GHz radio system, and supports external receivers via protocols such as DSMX, DSM2, PPM or SBUS.
8.  YXZNRC F150 Rotor head, blade grip, swash plate, are high-precision CNC components, giving them strength and durability, while being light-weight and offering great performance.
9.  YXZNRC F150 Landing gear and main body frame are made of 3K carbon fiber composite material, giving the components strength yet reduces damage.
10.  YXZNRC F150 Modular design, allow replacing of damaged parts to be highly cost effective.
11.  YXZNRC F150 Standard 6-channel transmitter with LCD, supports configuration of helicopter parameters, simulator, and has optimized the gimbal sticks output to achieve precise control.
12.  YXZNRC F150 High performance 3S 11.1V 500mAh 30C lipo battery, supports high-current discharge while not compromising on durability. Allows 6-10 minutes of sports flight, and up to 500 charging cycles.
13.  YXZNRC F150 Special USB balance charger to perform balance charging of the 3S lipo battery.
14.  YXZNRC F150 Uses thicker than usual feathering shaft, giving it strength and durability.

Package Included:
1 x Helicopter
1 x User Manual
1 x Transmitter
1 x USB Charger
2 x Main Blades
1 x Tail Blade
1 x 3S Lipo Battery (optional)