XMR/C M10 Ultra S+ 4K Drone 3-Axis EIS Gimbal 360° Obstacle Avoidance 5G WIFI GPS 4KM FPV Brushless Quadcopter

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Color: M10 Ultra S+ 1B
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XMR/C M10 Ultra S+ 4K Drone 3-Axis EIS Gimbal 360° Obstacle Avoidance 4KM FPV Quadcopter

Product parameters:
Item No: XMR/C M10
 Ultra S+ 2023 New Upgrade
5G Repeater: Yes
XMR/C M10 Flight altitude: 800 meters (no interference in the environment, no interpolation)
XMR/C M10 Remote control distance (no interference, no occlusion): 4000M (no interference in the environment, no interpolation)
XMR/C M10 Image return distance (no interference, no occlusion): 4000M (no interference in the environment, no interpolation)
Image transmission receiving method: 5G digital image transmission
XMR/C M10 Three-axis mechanical self-stabilizing gimbal: 4K
XMR/C M10 Self-stabilizing electronic image stabilization lens: Yes
Obstacle avoidance detection range: front, rear, left, right
Obstacle avoidance detection distance: ≤20M
Altitude fix: GPS, optical flow
Brushless motor: 1806
Remote control mobile phone clip size (supports the largest mobile phone size): 7 inches
XMR/C M10 Remote control battery: 3.7v 2000mah lithium battery
XMR/C M10 lithium battery: 7.6V 3800mAh
Flight time: 26 minutes
Charging time: About 4 hours
Charging method USB (5V): 5V 2A (maximum)
Body size/folded: 16x11x8.5cm/34x42,5x8.5cm
Color box size: 30*24*11cm
Body weight: 470g (excluding obstacle avoidance)
Battery weight: 150 g
Packing Quantity: 1.5 kg

XMR/C M10 Aerial photography configuration parameters:
XMR/C M10 APP name and system: XMRC (system: IOS/Android)
XMR/C M10 PTZ Angle Longitudinal (Adjustment Angle Range): 110° Automatic Repair
XMR/C M10 Gimbal angle sideways (adjustment angle range): 65° automatic repair
XMR/C M10 Gimbal angle Horizontal (adjustment angle range): 45° automatic repair
Adjustable lens angle: maximum angle 110°
GPS follow: 10-20M
Image follow: 1-5M
Track flight: yes
Fixed point surround: yes
Gesture shooting recognition: 1-5M
Satellite positioning dual mode: yes
XMR/C M10 Recording video resolution (front camera): 4K: 3840*2160 (TF); 1280*720 (APP)"
XMR/C M10 Photo resolution (front camera): 4K: 3840*2160(TF); 4K: 3840*2160(APP)"
XMR/C M10 Transmission frame rate (front camera): 30 fps
XMR/C M10 SD memory card: maximum support 128G (not included)

XMR/C M10 Functions: New 360° laser obstacle avoidance, three-axis stabilized gimbal, EIS electronic image stabilization, 4K/30 frame video recording, 4km image transmission, 800m altitude, brushless motor cooling fan at the bottom, optical flow positioning, GPS position

XMR/C M10 Features: Three-axis gimbal, true 4K, can record true 4K video, true 4km image transmission, true 800m altitude, optical flow positioning, GPS positioning, time-lapse photography, vertical screen, fading away, skyrocketing