YXZNRC F180 V2 6CH 6-Axis Gyro GPS Optical Flow Localization 5.8G FPV Camera Dual Brushless Direct Drive Motor Flybarless RC Helicopter

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Battery: 1 Battery


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YXZNRC F180 V2 6CH 6-Axis Gyro GPS Optical Flow Localization 5.8G FPV Camera Dual Brushless Direct Drive Motor Flybarless RC Helicopter

Item name: YUXIANG F180 V2
YXZNRC F180 V2 Main Rotor Diameter: 410mm
YXZNRC F180 V2 Body Length: 400mm
YXZNRC F180 V2 Body Height: 120mm
Radio Frequency Band: 2.4GHz
YXZNRC F180 V2 weight (g): 1324g
YXZNRC F180 V2 Battery: 3S 11.V 700mAh 25C Lipo Battery
Battery Charging Duration: Approx. 90 minutes
YUXIANG F180 V2 Flight time: Approx. 6-10 minutes

Function Description:
1. YXZNRC F180 V2 Employs a flybarless design, main motor direct drive, electronic stability enhancement system, feel more accurate, more stable flight, optimize the structure to reduce the chance of damage.
2. YXZNRC F180 V2 propeller is designed based on the aerodynamic principle to provide strong power and self-stability of the body. With high efficiency and power saving flight time. YUXIANG F180 V2 blade is made of nylon + carbon fiber composite material, with high strength and toughness, good impact resistance, no deformation and durable.
3. YXZNRC F180 V2 Use 3606 brushless motor direct drive, reduce gear agitation, with low noise, large torque power efficiency, special high temperature resistant magnetic steel can withstand 150 degrees high temperature will not be damaged, improve the service life.
4. YXZNRC F180 V2 Tail-locking motor using special 1104 brushless motor, with high temperature resistance response speed, stable tail-locking, long time work is not easy to damage characteristics.
5. YXZNRC F180 V2 Use large 4.3g metal digital steering gear, featuring high torque response, fast precision and high turn-back accuracy, response speed of 60°/0.05ms, making the aircraft accurate flight, good hand feel effect and longer life.
6. YXZNRC F180 V2 Intelligent flight control, equipped with GPS module, vision module under compass module, pneumatic altitude module, visual flight under GPS stability, manual self-stabilizing mode multi-functional flight mode, with one-button return, low-electric intelligent return, out-of-control return, one-button landing, electronic fence, one-button roll, love flight, circular flight and other safe flight functions.
7. YXZNRC F180 V2 New 8 channel high precision remote control, 2.4GHZ two-way communication protocol. With 1024-level operation feel high-definition display two-way data return, can real-time feedback aircraft power, flight speed, flight altitude, flight distance, flight location, GPS number and other important information, effectively improve the user's accurate control of aircraft
8. YXZNRC F180 V2 Adopt high precision CNC precision carving frame rotor head rotor clamp cross plate optimization structure, reduce weight, greatly reduce the chance of aircraft damage.
9. YXZNRC F180 V2 main frame is made of 3K carbon fiber composite material, which has the characteristics of high strength, high toughness, no deformation and impact resistance, to ensure the accuracy and durability of the whole machine.
10. YXZNRC F180 V2 shell adopts hot runner injection molding process, good elasticity, toughness and not easy to crash.
11. YXZNRC F180 V2 Professional customized high rate lithium polymerization 11.1V 700mah 25C battery, high discharge rate long service life flight time about 6-10 minutes, normal use up to 500+ cyclic use.
12. YXZNRC F180 V2 dedicated USB 11.1V lithium battery charger, with the function of charging balance and charging stability.

Package Included:
1 x YXZNRC F180 V2 Helicopter
2 x User Manual
1 x USB Charger
2 x Main Blades
1 x Tail Blade
1 x Hexagon
1 x Screwdriver