ZLL SG906 MAX1 Beast 3+ Drone 4K 3-Axis Gimbal 3KM FPV Obstacle Avoidance GPS 5G WIFI Quadcopter Upgraded 5000mAh Battery

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ZLL SG906 MAX1 Beast 3+ Drone 4K 3-Axis Gimbal 3KM FPV Obstacle Avoidance GPS 5G WIFI Quadcopter Upgraded 5000mAh Battery

Pressure sensor: Height setting
Motor: 1806 brushless motor
Motor power: 1700/KV
Wheelbase: 36cm
Electric power adjustment: 30A
ZLL SG906 MAX1 Image transmission receiving method: 5G WIFI+ repeater strong signal
Gimbal: Three-Axis Anti-shake Gimbal
Lens: Self-stabilizing electronic anti-shake Lens
Obstacle avoidance detection range: 360°
Obstacle avoidance detection range: ≤20M
Max remote control phone clip size: 7inch
Remote control battery: 500mAh Lipo Battery
Capacity of smart lithium battery: 7.6V 5000mAh
Control distance (Free interference and no occlusion): 3000m
Cruising mileage(max): 8KM
Wind resistance level(max): level 6
Ascendant speed(max): 4m/s
Descent speed(max): 3m/s
Take-off altitude(max): 4500m
Flying speed(max): 45km/h
Flight time: About 30 min
Charging time: About 7-8 hours
USB Charging: 5V
Product size: 17.4x8.4x7cm, 28.3x25.3x7cm
Product's Weight: 585.6g(Included Obstacle Avoider)
Battery Weight:152g
Storage Card: High speed 32G(Max)

Camera Gimbal:
3-Axis Gimbal
Image sensor: 1/3.2 Inches
Pixel: 4K HD Camera
APP Name: XIL MAX(IOS Android)
Gimbal Angle(adjustment angle range): 110° automatic restores (Vertical)
65° automatic restores (Sideways)
45° automatic restores (Horizontal)
Camera lens: Adjustable camera by transmitter, 110°
Wifi image transmission distance: About 3000m
GPS Follow me: 30m
IMAGE Follow me: 1-5m
Focal length: 50X
Hand gesture shooting/video recognization: 1-5M
ZLL SG906 MAX1 Video resolution(Front camera): 2048*1080(TF)
1208*720 (APP)
ZLL SG906 MAX1 Photo resolution(Front camera): 4096*3072P(TF)
Video resolution(Down-looking camera): 1280*720p
Photo resolution(Down-looking camera): 1280*720p
Frame rate: 25 fps

ZLL SG906 MAX1 Obstacle Avoider:
Measuring mileage: 0.05-20 meters
Measurement accuracy: 2%
Measuring speed: 100HZ
Resolution: 1cm
Operating Voltage: 3.5-5.5VDC
Power Consumption: 60NA@5V
Communication Interface: 12C
Communication Baud Rate: Up to 400k
Communication Level: TTJ3.3VDC

ZLL SG906 MAX1 with Stunning Photos & Videos:
ZLL SG906 MAX1 Can Capture 2048x1080p picture while 3-axis gimbal + EIS provides 4096x3072p video. 5G WIFI delivers 1208x720p resolution livestream directly from the drone’s camera, RC built-in repeater can even boost the signal and transmits as far as 3km. You can preview stunning resolution photos as high as 4096x3072p on the APP.

ZLL SG906 MAX1 with Laser Obstacle Sensing & Epic Shots:
An impressive flight time of up to 30 min allows you to pull off epic, fast-paced shots. Quad is built in with laser to scan obstacles ahead within 20m in 360 ° and will send alert and stop flying forwards and auto hover if an obstacle is detected.

ZLL SG906 MAX1 with Stable Flying & Hovering:
ZLL SG906 MAX1 can resist level 6 winds and take off at a max altitude of 4500 meters, so your footage is stable even when flying along a windy coastline or high above an alpine forest. Optical Flow Positioning ensures that the drone has more stability when it hovers in mid-air.

No Plane Lose:
ZLL SG906 MAX1 is built in with Drone Retrieval Function: simply click the GPS signal icon for 3 times, open the map, it will shows the place where the quad finally arrives - its latitude and longitude. It also has RTH function to prevent your mini drone lose in any situation, automatically fly back even fly out of control, lost signal and low battery. ZLL SG906 MAX1 can receive either the US GPS satellites or the Russian GLONASS satellites.

More Flying Fun:
ZLL SG906 MAX1 Orbit Mode keeps subjects centered. Follow Me tracks moving subjects like people and vehicles.Waypoint Flight just draw a route on the APP, the quad will fly along the path you draw. Gesture control from up to 1-3 meters away.

Picture & Video Editing:
ZLL SG906 MAX1 supports 50X digital zoom, providing more options - when recording family, friends, or pets, you can safely capture your subject without flying too close. MV functions: filters, video effects, add background music, picture / video sharing.

Package Contents:
1 x SG906 MAX1 RC Quadcopter
1 x Remote Controller
1 x 7.6V 5000mAh Lipo Battery (Option)
4 x Spare Propellers
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Screwdriver
2 x Remote Control Stick
8 x Spare Screw
1 x Obstacle Avoider
1 x Obstacle Avoidance Hole Upper Cover
1 x User Manual
1 x Carrying Case